"Love one another. As I
have loved you…
By this everyone will know
that you are my disciples."John 13: 34-35

Following in God's way, learning day by day, working with one another, caring for each other.

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If you need any information you are welcome to call into the school office between 8:30 and 3:30.

Parents and or members of the public who have any queries please contact Mrs Vize or Mrs Lever in the school office on 01942 201140 or enquiries@admin.saintlukes.wigan.sch.uk.  

  Mrs Vize – Business Manager   Mrs Lever – Admin Assistant   Mrs Tabiner – Admin Assistant


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order school uniform?
We have three suppliers of our uniform, Jamax - Leigh, Impressions - Golborne & online at www.touchline-embroidery.net/st-lukes-lowton/.

What can I purchase from the office?
Reading folders with a shoulder strap, hand held reading folders, PE Bags, Library Folders, Infant elastic ties, Junior clip on ties and water bottles.View Price List

How much are school dinners and how do I pay for them?
School dinners are £2.40 per day. They are provided by Orian. Meals need to be chosen and paid for in advance through 'Lunch Shop' as we have no facilities in school to pay for or oder meals. Login details are available from the school office. Please follow this link for further information. .

I want my child to have a packed lunch, what can I include in their lunchbox?

We are a ‘Healthy School’ and suggest items such as sandwiches, fruit, yoghurt, crackers, pasta, and healthy biscuits. Please do not include fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate bars. We are a totally ‘nut free’ school. We ask that no products containing nuts or peanuts are sent into school as unfortunately we will have to remove them from your child’s lunchbox. These will be available for collection from the school office at the end of the day.

Can my child learn to play a musical instrument in school?
Wigan Council peripatetic music teachers visit school and offer lessons in recorder and other woodwind instruments, guitar, violin, keyboard, piano and more. Lessons cost £6.00 per group session or £12.00 per individual session and must be paid for in advance. Bills are sent half termly in advance and payment should be made online using 'Lunch Shop'.  Lessons missed due to pupil absence must still be paid for, but lessons missed due to school trips or music teacher absence will be reimbursed or re-scheduled.

I would like my child to have  toast or apple & milk at morning break, how do I pay for this?
Please sent your child’s payment using 'Lunch Shop'  in the first week of each half term. Milk costs £8.75 per half term and toast or apple £7.50
Please contact the school office immediately on 01942 201140 and speak to Mrs Lever or Mrs Vize.

What do I do if my child is absent from school?
Please telephone the school on 01942 201140 and select option 1. Please leave a message including the reason for the absence. When your child returns to school please email or send a 'Class Dojo' explaining the reason for the absence.

What do I do if my child has sickness and/or diarrhoea?
Keep your child off school. Your child must only return to school 48 hours after the last episode of sickness/diarrhoea. This is the advice given by the Health Protection Agency to avoid the spread of infection.

Will school staff administer medication to my child?
A Medical Form can be downloaded and must be returned to the office before we can administer any medication. Only medication prescribed by a doctor can be given to your child in school. All medication must have a chemist dispensing label with your child’s name and dosage. Medication must be dropped off and collected from the office by an adult.

What is the ‘Teachers2Parents’ texting service used for?
It is used to inform all parents of school closures and events.  Therefore it is very important that the first 2 contacts on your child’s data collection sheets are kept up to date.

Is there a lost property box in school?
We do not have a lost property box, so please ensure that all items of uniform including coats, hats, gloves, school bags, PE kits and lunchboxes are clearly labelled so they can be returned to your child.

Can my child wear jewellery in school?
Children can wear a wrist watch but we ask that no other jewellery is worn. If you are planning to have your child’s ears pierced, we suggest this is done at the beginning of the summer holidays to allow for adequate healing time, as no earrings are allowed in school.

My Club is looking for a venue. Can we hire the School Hall?
The hall is available for hire. Please download this form and return it to the school office so that we can check availability.

Should you require a paper copy of the information on our website, please call into the school office where we will take details of your request and provide copies as soon as possible.


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